"Natasha was the best business decision that I made last year. She single-handedly brought my brand to a new higher level, and collaborating with her on my redesign was so much fun from start to finish. She has exceptional taste, and I've received hundreds of compliments on my website that Natasha designed. Plus for the first time, my online presence, brand, website, business cards, packaging, and advertising are all aligned and consistently communicate who I am, what I do, and who my clients are - all courtesy of Natasha. I've worked with dozens of designers over the years, and can tell you firsthand that Natasha stands so far and above the rest. She is a true artist, and I suggest you book her right now if you're looking for someone to enthusiastically take your business to the next level. You'll be so glad you did."
-Christa Meola  |  Owner/Photographer, Christa Meola Pictures Inc.  |  NYC + LA

“Natasha has that magic combination of practicality and flexibility. She keeps the bottom line in mind, she never forgets all of the details in a request, and her delivery is always thoroughly perfect. I've never had to worry...Natasha just does what she says she will do, with grace.”
-Danielle LaPorte  |  business strategist and writer, White Hot Truth  |  Vancouver

"I knew from day one that Natasha would do a seriously quality job. I had the feeling for my new site, but not the vision. I felt completely cradled and supported through the design processs and couldn't be happier with my new visual branding. Three words to describe my experience with Natasha: "totally f***ing awesome". I'm so proud of my new look. People LOVE my site. I get compliments like crazy. It's totally ME - and exactly how I've wanted to come out into the world with my business. I'm thrilled."

-KC Baker  |  kcbaker.com  |  San Francisco

"Natasha Lakos is the epitome of a top-notch, intuitive graphic designer.  When I think of her work and her integrity as a designer, the first word that comes to mind is: "impeccable".  I gave her my vision and she literally created a masterpiece for me that was beyond my expectations.  She didn't feel like "just a vendor" in my business, she was a critical partner in the building of my brand identity.  Her turnaround time and attention to detail was delightful, and most of all, she's just so damn cool to work with.  I need her for all my current and future projects! If you want world-class results that will get your clients raving about the look and feel of your brand, web site, and logo - and you want clean, sharp and wicked-smart art, you've found the best on the planet to help you make it happen."
-Jennifer Kem  |  TheFabuLife  | 

"Working with Natasha was seeing true creative genius in action. From the first set of mock ups for my logo I was so impressed by how she took the words I used to describe what I wanted and created something I couldn't have dreamed up in my wildest fantasies.  She listened and executed details like color, clean lines and font, but more importantly the feeling of strength, power and success that I wanted to convey.  So many people have chimed into say "I love your new design, it's totally you!" To me that's a complete reflection of Natasha's talent and skills."
-Liz DiAlto  |  Health and Fitness Coach, Motivation Expert  |  NYC

“Natasha = beauty.  Hiring Natasha was one of the best business decisions I've made.  I searched around to find out who the top women entrepreneurs in my field were using for their web site design.  It was Natasha and now not only my web site has moved up to a higher level but my business is booming.  Natasha creates websites and collatoral that are works of art.  She knows design, delivers on time and on budget, and she created a consistent brand on all my social sites.  If you want to play a bigger game in your business, get on her list."

-Sherold Barr  |  Business Coach + Freedom Fighter  |  Portland, OR

"Natasha really helped to streamline the look and feel of my site with her clean, modern aesthetic and strong sense of style. No doubt my business has doubled as a result of my new design! People say they really get to know me as a result of visiting my site. Working with Natasha was a seamless experience. I felt completely taken care of and understood every step of the way"

-Erin Stutland  |  Lifetsyle + Fitness Coach, creator of SHRINK SESSION  |  NYC

"I was surprised to discover how easy design and identity creation can be with the right Designer. My experience with Natasha was easy and joyful. I feel proud to promote my work and receive so many compliments about my branding!"
-Victoria Gibson  |  Facebook Ad Queen  |  Australia

"If a picture is worth a thousand words then Natasha took our thousand words and created a picture. Sourcing our feelings, ideas and vision Natasha created a design that perfectly reflects our aesthetic and strikes the tone of our new business. Working with Natasha is pure joy. Not only is she is a talented designer but she herself is attentive, sharp and quick. She went beyond our expectations and, without a doubt, we will use Natasha exclusively to help us grow into the future."
-Patrick Lui  |  business owner, Arthurs House & Cottage  |  Hornby Island, Canada

"Working with Natasha is a colorful, rewarding and creatively conscious experience. One of her strong suits is supporting her clients through the identity investigation and design process. N
o brand identity means no one takes you seriously. I definitely feel more confident now that I've worked with Natasha."
-Megan Gallagher  |  founder of Kalpana Studios and Method & Madness blog  |  Philadelphia

"I loved working with Natasha. I loved her YES attitude and her wonderful sense of beauty and style. I loved how she translated my vision into stunning visuals. Natasha "got" what we wanted to express and took it beyond what we could do on our own. Deep bow."
-Chameli Ardagh  |  Founder, AwakeningWomen.com  |  California